Animal Health Planning System Features

Online web system

  • Accessible anywhere anytime
    Your health plans can be viewed and updated anywhere there is a browser and an internet connection. Vets can access health plans on farm or en-route to the farm.
  • Instant access to new features
    Upgrades to the system take place automatically with no action from you required. Simply logon.
  • Improved communication between vet & farmer
    Data can be exchanged between farmer and vet via the system whenever new information becomes available. This will improve workflow for all involved.
  • Concurrent collaboration
    Farmers and vets can simultaneously access the system from their individual locations and collaborate in real time. All vets within the practice can review health plans at the same time.
  • News updates
    Our news feed will keep you up-to-date with events, and system and product updates when they arise.

Comprehensive yet concise health planning

  • Health planning for sheep enterprises and beef suckler herds
  • Structured health plans
    Composed of 4 key sections - data collection, problem analysis, action planning and summary, including:
    * in-depth physical performance analysis
    * flock/herd target setting & cost analysis of achieving targets
    * review of current treatment and farm management practices
    * monitoring of disease incidence
    * review of current biosecurity measures
    * action planning on physical performance, targets, disease and biosecurity issues,
    * summary of action plans
    * calendar of scheduled events
    * (summary of benchmarking outputs for our AWMP users)
  • Concise health planning for farmers and collaboration with agricultural consultants
    Farmers and agricultural consultants see the sections most relevant to them, the data collection and summary sections.
  • Dynamic living document
    Farmers and vets can collaborate online sharing and communicating information whenever it becomes available. For example:
    * To allow performance to be monitored on an ongoing basis, enter scanning figures when scanning is complete or weaning figures when lambs/calves are weaned.
    * Targets can be updated throughout the year.
    * If you encounter a new disease/condition during the year, your vet can immediately set up a new treatment action plan.
  • Compare production data year on year
    Throughout the health plan steps the previous year's production, target and disease data is displayed side by side so you can instantly compare performance.
  • Concise compact printer friendly pages to avoid printing excess paper
  • Set health plan review dates and update with notes
    Health plan review dates help improve the health planning process. When you enter review dates they're viewable in the calendar and on the health plan cover page. Once the review is complete, take use of the upload documents feature to upload your notes or record them directly into the event completion notes.

Calendar and events management

  • Custom calendar events
    Allows you to create custom calendar events outwith the health plan. e.g. add a reminder to order vaccine, worm the dogs or a treatment given to a sick calf.
  • iCalendar export to access events through your normal Calendar Application
    You can now export your SAHPS calendar as an iCalendar (*.ics) file. Events in your SAHPS calendar can be viewed in your personal Calendar application (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple iCal, MS Outlook). Events in your personal calendar will be shown with a hyperlink straight to the detailed event information on your health plan calendar. Events can be easily viewed, updated and printed if need be.
  • Enhanced calendar filters
    Enhanced calendar filters, allowing you to filter on event types, for instance vaccinations or sampling/testing events.
  • Quick link for recording events on mobile devices
    Use your calendar quick link to easily record events via your mobile device which will help you populate your health plan.
  • Colour coded calendar showing scheduled farm events
    Scheduled farm events are colour coded by species and can be displayed in a monthly or yearly calendar view.
  • Calendar list of scheduled farm events
    Details for instance when vaccinations or sampling events are scheduled and to which class of stock it applies.
  • Customisable calendar viewing options
    View clients at a monthly or yearly level as a calendar and/or agenda listing.
  • Record completed events
    Users can logon and mark events as complete updating the date of completion and any comments. This gives the vet feedback on when events were actually completed, as oppose to when they were scheduled.
  • Multi-client "My Calendar" for vet practices
    View a worklist of events for all your clients in one place.


  • Detailed reporting on flock/herd performance figures
    Compare physical performance measures, flock/herd targets, or disease incidence figures.
  • Compare your data against the system data
    For each measure we present the upper, median and lower quartiles from data recorded within the system.
  • View reports at a detailed or summarised level
    Reports can be generated for individual flocks or herds or for the enterprise year after year.
  • Graphs showing year-on-year performance
    Use the graphs to display the herd & flock production or disease data.
  • Customisable system filters to narrow your search results
    Want to compare your specific enterprise against other similar enterprises? A variety of filter combinations are available within the reports section to further refine your query. For example, you can compare your data against similar enterprises at a county level.
  • Downloadable tabular reports
    Tabular results can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheets or CSV files for your own customisations and use.

Time saving health planning

  • Save time by copying forward health plans
    Rather than re-creating the next year's health plan from scratch, the system allows you to copy forward the key information from a previous year's health plan. If the same performance, disease or biosecurity issues are encountered then the action plans are automatically retrieved and can be further refined. This feature saves both the farmer and vet valuable time.
  • Default recommendations are easily inserted
    We provide lists of industry standard biosecurity recommendations. These recommendations can easily be inserted into health plans to produce a comprehensive biosecurity action plan, once again saving valuable time.
  • Access to Appendices for an additional source of health plan related information
    The Appendices section provides an additional information resource for our users. Examples are livestock recording templates, investigation protocols and technical information notes.
  • Health plan data collection templates
    This may be of particular use when no internet connection is available. Farmers that don't have access to the internet can still benefit from the system - your vet practice may offer a bureau service.
  • Farm Assurance templates

Advanced product management (for vets)

  • Automatic product data entry
    Our system provides and maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date list of UK licensed drug products. Product data (including dosage & withdrawal periods) can be inserted at the click of a button saving you valuable time.
  • Automatic product updates
    When you prescribe a product within a health plan you have the option to edit the product data and maintain the information yourself, or to receive automatic product updates. This feature may prove extremely useful, if for instance, a product withdrawal period changes.
  • Favourite products for vets and practices
    Practices as a whole or vets individually can set up a "favourite" list of products which saves time when prescribing treatment protocols.

Quality Assurance

  • Advanced validation rules to ensure high data quality
    Throughout the health plan there are a number of data validation rules to ensure that invalid data isn't entered accidentally. This ensures that the quality of data in the reports is high and reliable for interpretation.
  • Health plan validity providing peace of mind
    Each step of the health plan has complex validation rules, where if a step is left incomplete or requires review, the step icon will show red to indicate it's invalid. If the step icon is green it means that there are no problems with the data entered and nothing further requires attention on that step.
  • All updates are audited
    Every update to a health plan is recorded, therefore should vets need to know who made a change to a health plan - information can be provided. If there is a litigation problem then there is a robust auditing system in place if required.
  • Secure and Confidential
  • Regular data backups
  • High performance
  • Centrally managed

Flexible user types and access control

  • An account for all user types
    Accounts can be created for vets, farmers, agricultural consultants and practice administrators. A practice read-only account also exists.
  • Farmers retain control of their health plan data
    Farmers have control of who has access to their farm data & health plans.
  • Grant full write or read-only access levels
    Farmers can give full or read-only access to practices or individual vets/consultants.

Vet practice management

  • Farm client herd & flock data all in one central place
    All beef & sheep records for clients are now in the one place.
  • Practices can manage vet accounts
    Practice administrators can create, update and archive vet accounts within their practice (caters for locum vets).
  • Vet collaboration within practice
    Vets have access to all the practice's health plans. If a vet isn't familiar with a particular farm they can quickly get up to speed by reviewing the client's health plans.
  • Manage farm holdings and access levels
    Vets and practice administrators can create accounts for their clients, allowing them to get started on health planning immediately. Accounts that are no longer in use can be archived.
  • Set favourite products
    Create a list of preferred practice products. This list of commonly prescribed treatments can then be referred to when setting up client health plans.
  • Practice Logo(s)
    Personalise your client's health plan with the addition of your practice logo(s) to your client's health plan cover page.

Themes and Printing

  • Various parts of the site can be themed to meet commercial requirements
  • Practice logos can be inserted onto health plan cover pages
  • Printer friendly pages throughout system
    Giving flexibility to print only those pages required.
  • Pre-populated health plan cover page
    The health plan cover page will contain the practice contact details and name(s) of the vets directly responsible for the health plan. The cover page can also be used as a signoff sheet.

Support and Training

  • Support tracking and maintenance
    Contact us via the website, email or phone and we can access your health plans with you to look at any specific problems you may be having.
  • Flexible approach to system training
    We can provide system training for vets, farmers and consultants online, in groups or for individual practices.
  • Comprehensive online help
    Also contains quickstart guides to help you through the creation of farm and vet accounts, flocks/herds and health plans.
  • Downloadable help manual in PDF format
  • Practices can support their clients directly
  • Descriptive page blurbs
    Describe the purpose and function of the page and what information to record.
  • Context sensitive popup help tips
    Throughout the system you'll find little question mark icons that further explain the item in question.

My Documents

  • Upload and share documents with other users
    Upload related reports or documents including abattoir reports, health scheme tests etc. Uploaded documents can be shared with other users allowing the farmer and vet to share documents. These can also be edited, commented on and downloaded.
  • Link documents such as lab reports directly to sampling events in the calendar
    When test results are returned the document can be linked to the scheduled test date in the calendar.
  • Collaborate and discuss documents
    Users can post comments and replies to documents creating a discussion forum.
  • Keep multiple revisions of the document
    If the document is revised and edited more than once, multiple revisions of it can be uploaded and accessed at any time.
  • Email notifications of document updates and comments
    When a new update or comment is posted to the document all the users who have subscribed to receiving updates will be notified by email.
  • Document search facility
    A comprehensive search facility allowing you to find your documents quickly.